The Benefits of Keeping Your Mass Notification Software Up to Date


Cloud and On-premises Updates

It may seem obvious, but software needs updates. Whether it’s an app on your phone, or software that makes your organization run, falling behind on updates can have serious consequences. This is particularly true when it comes to mass notification software. Gone are the days where you can set up a server, shove it in a corner, and ignore it for years. Since most software solutions are now cloud-based, updates happen more frequently and are often easier to perform. For hybrid solutions, like our InformaCast Fusion offering, the on-premises server also needs to be updated to ensure optimal performance.

Without these updates, organizations could be missing out on critical security fixes, feature updates, and other improvements that can keep your people safe and informed. In this blog post, we’ll outline the benefits of performing regular updates to your mass notification software.

Security Patches

Security vulnerabilities can cripple even the most prepared organizations. When it comes to a mass notification system, you need to be confident that it isn’t susceptible to an attack when it matters most. As software evolves, so do the threats that can impact its functionality. New updates address those threats to protect your system and the data that is stored within it.

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Performance Improvements

In addition to bug fixes, general performance improvements are included in most updates. For a mass notification system, small tweaks can make a big difference. Your safety tools need to be able to reach everyone who needs to be informed during an emergency. Having messages that fail to deliver or are slow to reach the intended recipients can put people in risky situations. By keeping your software up to date, you can rest easy knowing it is operating at peak performance.

New Features

One obvious benefit of keeping your software up to date is leveraging new features. Our software is constantly evolving and growing. New notification options, integrations, and other alerting features help you continue to build your mass notification ecosystem and improve the speed and reach of your emergency messages. Beyond the practical features that help deliver notifications to the end user, there are also new administrative and reporting features. This helps your organization better understand the effectiveness of the notifications you are sending and identify problem areas.

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Bug Fixes

At Singlewire, we take pride in producing high-quality software. Our QA team runs extensive automated and manual tests on every aspect of our solution for each release. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, an issue makes its way into production code. We offer a stellar support team to help you overcome any issues you may face when using our software. Our sales, development and support teams all work closely to identify and solve bugs in our software, and those bug fixes are often included when the latest version of the software comes out. With our hybrid solution, we can release fixes more quickly and more often. By simply upgrading to the latest version, you'll ensure the latest patches are installed on your system.


As hardware and software evolve, compatibility can become a problem. Certain functionality may no longer be supported in older versions. That means certain messages may not be able to be delivered using your mass notification system until you upgrade. If an emergency occurs, this could result in people missing out on critical safety instructions that would keep them out of harm’s way.

Software updates can also expand the compatibility of your mass notification solution to new devices and systems. A mass notification solution is only as valuable as the tools it reaches with emergency messages. New versions of the software can help leverage additional devices and systems to spread the word about a crisis.

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Software Updates for InformaCast Fusion

We do our best to make it easy for InformaCast Fusion users to update their software. Because it is a hybrid solution, there are two components to each upgrade. The first is the cloud infrastructure that we host, manage and maintain. This is the web interface where messages are managed, configured and sent. It’s also where we send SMS text messages, watch for weather alerts from the National Weather Service, and monitor other systems that can trigger notifications. Our engineers run these upgrades with little downtime. Many customers don’t even realize an update has taken place.

The on-premises server is the second component of our InformaCast Fusion solution and is the end user’s responsibility to update. The good news is that this process is simple. When the new version is made available, it is pulled from the cloud automatically. It simply needs to be activated by the administrator. This can be done by logging into the administrator console and then finding and visiting the IP address of your Fusion server. From there you can initiate the upgrade by restarting the server on the new version.

Visit the Singlewire Support Community for help with upgrade planning

Details on bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new features included in software updates for InformaCast Fusion can be found in the release notes in our user guides. Customers can visit the Singlewire Support Community for more details, and prospective users can speak with their territory manager for more details about how the update process works.




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