What's New in InformaCast 11.0.2

Now Available for Download on Singlewire.com

Highlights of the InformaCast 11.0.2 release include:

  • New Version Number - Synchronized with current version of Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Legacy Paging Interface (LPI) and CallAware - Now InformaCast plugins
  • Expanded API
  • Support for new Cisco Phones

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We're pleased to announce that InformaCast version 11.0.2 is now available for download.

If you're familiar with InformaCast, you'll notice that we skipped version 10. We haven't forgotten how to count. This is a deliberate move to synchronize the InformaCast version number with the current version of Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

In addition to supporting Cisco's new release of Unified Communications Manager 11.0.2, InformaCast also now supports the 78118845, and 8865 Cisco phone models.

One of the biggest changes in version 11 is architectural. Both the Legacy Paging Interface and CallAware are now part of the main InformaCast interface as plugins.

If you have purchased a resiliency feature, these plugins and others have now been made resilient as well. LPI also benefits from performance improvements in this release.

For detailed information on additional features, our expanded API, upgrade paths, and more, please check out the release notes, or listen to the podcasts from our chief technology officer, Jerry Steinhauer.

Also, please stay tuned to developments on InformaCast Mobile, with cloud-based dialing added on June 15, and several more releases planned yet this year.

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