Singlewire Releases InformaCast 11.5.1 Update

InformaCast emergency notification software 11.5.1 release

New Features Improve User Experience

In a continuing effort to provide users with the best solution for emergency notification, Singlewire has released the 11.5.1 update for the InformaCast platform. The update offers a number of new performance, security and management features, and provides expanded support options.

Ease of Management

  • Two new administrator roles make it easier to edit groups and IP speaker volumes.
  • Call detail records collection for every SIP call. 
  • Improved logging for the SIP stack, including the message body of SIP requests and headers that were already being monitored.
  • CTI connection information now available on the Overview, Call Aware Diagnostics, Night Bell, Park and Page plugins and Conference Call plugin status pages.
  • An improved “Clear Devices” command that includes the ability to remove displayed broadcast windows from computers running the InformaCast Desktop Notifier.
  • Configurable multicast address range
  • An “ALARM” label that denotes important LPI and “Park and Page” plugin log events for easy searching of important errors.

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  • Support for SRTP packets in unicast streams. 
  • An updated operating system that includes the latest bug fixes and security patches.


  • Improved phone activation times during broadcasts by creating CTI terminals for all phones in the primary cluster.
  • Push notifications for inbound email plugin.
  • Email filtering by body content, in addition to the already existing subject line and “From” address filters.
  • High priority setting for email preferences

This update also includes streamlined support for the Mobility plugin, Unified Communications Manager and SOAP services. For a list of updates and more detailed information, see the full release notes.




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