Singlewire Software Releases Emergency Notification Updates with InformaCast 12.1.1


Addressing Critical Needs

At Singlewire Software, we’re always looking for ways to enhance our InformaCast emergency notification system. Regular updates help deliver new features and address customer needs that all drive toward our goal of assisting organizations in keeping their people safe. With the release of InformaCast 12.1.1, we’re continuing this mission by providing an overall better user experience.

This update includes new intercom functionality, phone text display options and enhancements for InformaCast Desktop Notifier. Read below for more details on these and additional features now available with InformaCast 12.1.1.

New Emergency Notification Features

  • Full-duplex Intercom Functionality. By using InformaCast as a back-to-back SIP user agent, it is possible to make full-duplex intercom calls between several types of InformaCast recipients: IP phone to SIP speaker, SIP speaker to IP phone, SIP speaker to SIP speaker, and SIP speaker to DialCast. For this release, InformaCast in a resiliency environment does not support full-duplex intercom calls or SIP speakers
  • Phone Styling Added. A style drop-down menu and style tab are now available on the Add/Edit Message page, and they control the look of phones' display windows that support color. There are three default styles available from the style drop-down menu: Normal, Warning, and Emergency, and each option comes with a specific look, e.g. background color and text color settings. A fourth option, Custom, will display the style tab when selected, and the look is customizable to fit your specifications.
  • Expanded Support for VDI Environments. The latest version of the InformaCast Desktop Notifier, which is compatible with InformaCast 12.1.1, now supports several Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) products: VMWare Horizon 7, Citrix XenDesktop 7.4, and VMware vSphere 6.5.

For more information about the updates included in 12.1.1 check out the full release notes on the Singlewire Support Community.




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