New Monitoring and Alert Options Available in InformaCast 12.5.1


More Data, More Insight

We live in a world where data is king. The more information we have available, the better things run. This is also true when it comes to mass notification. Singlewire Software has taken great care to expand the capabilities of our InformaCast emergency notification software to provide more insight into how systems operate, how effective notifications are, and the health of the InformaCast ecosystem organizations configure.

Our latest update to InformaCast Advanced broadens the scope of what devices it is possible for organizations to monitor through InformaCast, offers additional data points to monitor through third-party systems, and includes other updates to enhance functionality and the overall user experience. This blog post will outline the new features available in InformaCast 12.5.1.

Alarms and Monitoring

New features available in InformaCast Advanced 12.5.1 include:

  • System Alarms: When it comes to mass notification, it’s essential to know which components are working and which are not. This new feature sends alerts when key components fail in the InformaCast environment, i.e., when InformaCast-compatible IP speakers or paging gateways go unregistered.
  • Enhanced SNMP Monitoring: This feature allows customers to monitor various parameters in InformaCast from their system monitoring software. Most customers use a monitoring tool like SolarWinds or Splunk to monitor their servers, network devices, etc. This feature update gives those systems far better information.
  • Dial to Cancel: Users can specify a dial pattern that cancels all in-progress broadcasts. It supports the same authentication methods as DialCast. For example, this feature helps cancel a building evacuation broadcast set to repeat indefinitely.

Read the full release notes.

Daily Testing

These updates will help organizations gain more insight into their mass notification system, meaning issues can be identified and resolved quickly. When an emergency occurs, every moment counts, and if a component fails, people may miss important information that keeps them out of harm’s way. Knowing what parts of the systems are working and what needs to be repaired makes it more likely that when a mass notification needs to be sent, everyone receives it without complication.

In addition to these new monitoring and alerting features, organizations can set up InformaCast for everyday applications such as daily announcements to test the system during non-critical times. This is another way to identify issues and ensure the system works as intended throughout an organization.

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