InformaCast Version 9.1.1 Now Available


Please Note: A more recent version of InformaCast now exists. Learn What's New.

We're pleased to announce that InformaCast version 9.1.1 is now available for download.

This new version of InformaCast includes several exciting updates. Based directly on your feedback, we added functionality to the conference call plugin to improve user experience and administrative flexibility.

Other updates include access to the configuration API and security updates to protect your InformaCast system. 

Got a new Cisco product? We've got you covered. InformaCast 9.1.1 supports all new Cisco releases, including Communications Manager 10.5.2 and DX series phone models.

Here are some of the highlights of InformaCast 9.1.1


Updates to the Conference Call Plugin

  • The ability to initiate a conference call to a group of people by dialing the associated extension
  • The ability to call into a conference call already in progress
  • The option to turn the PIN security feature on or off
  • The choice to enable/disable Interactive Voice Response prompts - you can choose to present people with a menu of options before they join the call or you can connect them directly to the call

Configuration API

  • The configuration API gives programs the ability to do things that previously only the InformaCast Web User Interface could do. This includes the configuration of messages, recipients, speakers, bells, and administration
  • Tools to help you write integrations with InformaCast, including API Documentation and the API Explorer

Support for Cisco DX Phone Series

  • Support for the DX650, DX70, and DX80 phones
  • Replay button for audio

Support for Cisco 8811 IP phone

  • InformaCast Basic Paging and InformaCast Advanced Notification support for the 8811 phone

Support for Communications Manager 10.5.2

  • InformaCast Basic Paging and InformaCast Advanced Notification support for Communications Manager 10.5.2

Security Updates

  • Patches to protect your InformaCast system from Shellshock, Poodle, and open SSL issues

Maintenance changes, including the ability to turn off SLP


Next Steps

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