Singlewire Software Launches Virtual Classroom for InformaCast Mass Notification Training


Virtual Classroom Now Available

The Singlewire Software Customer Success team has launched a new virtual classroom to provide InformaCast customers with guided training to get the most out of their mass notification system. Once a month, these live sessions give customers the opportunity to chat live with our team of experts and ask questions about the InformaCast topic being covered. The virtual classroom sessions also include an InformaCast Fusion Essentials course (this course will also cover topics relevant to InformaCast Mobile customers). This course will help new customers familiarize themselves with available features and how to best use the software.

The Customer Success team has identified relevant topics to offer InformaCast customers the help they need in a live environment where they can clarify conceptual questions and participate in demonstrations to build a solid foundation of basic skills for operating the system. Topics covered will include feature walkthroughs, like InformaCast Command Center and creating groups, as well as practical real-world applications for deploying InformaCast to prepare for and manage different scenarios.

Unlock Your System’s Potential

The virtual classroom is available to customers with active contracts and partners via the Singlewire Support Community. You will need to register or create an account within the Singlewire Support Community to sign up for a class. All courses are geared towards InformaCast system administrators. Those without administrator permissions may not have access to the features that will be covered, so be sure to check within your InformaCast system for the proper permissions before signing up for a course.

The Essentials course is designed for beginners of all skill levels. This includes customers who are new to InformaCast, customers switching from InformaCast Advanced to InformaCast Fusion, or a new system administrator trying to familiarize themselves with an InformaCast instance at their organization. Each session will be recorded and be made available for on-demand viewing in the Singlewire Support Community.

There are no limits or expectations for what the attendee knows for these sessions as courses are designed to not be overly technical. It is important to note that these sessions are intended for education. Troubleshooting issues and other problems should be reserved for tickets opened with our support team.

Keep People Safe and Informed

Singlewire Software knows that organizations want to make the most out of their investments in our mass notification software so they can reach everyone, everywhere, every time. The Virtual Classroom sessions add to the wealth of resources available to InformaCast customers including our Academy video training sessions, knowledge base articles, and user guides. We want to ensure that people are actively engaged with our software so that when the time comes to use it, they don’t need to waste any time trying to find what they need to quickly get out critical safety messages. By offering these sessions we aim to help our customer enhance their preparedness, communications, and procedures so no one misses a message when it matters most.

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