NEWS: Singlewire Software Recognized as NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador


A Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador

Singlewire Software has been recognized as a Weather-Ready Nation (WRN) Ambassador by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This initiative is part of NOAA’s mission to save life and property by providing critical environmental intelligence, including weather forecasts and warnings, to its partners and the general public. NOAA wants everyone to be ready, responsive, and resilient in the face of extreme weather, water, and climate events. NOAA formally recognizes WRN Ambassadors as organizations committed to collaborating with NOAA, sharing preparedness messaging in outreach to the public, and serving as examples by implementing resilience best practices.

“Severe weather is a concern for any organization, no matter where they are in the country,” said Pat Scheckel, executive vice president of product management and marketing for Singlewire Software. “We want to help people stay safe and informed during dangerous weather events, and becoming a WRN Ambassador will help us deliver best practices to our customers and partners, as well as inform potential new features for our mass notification software.”

The WRN Ambassadors initiative improves the two-way communication between NOAA and its partners. As an Ambassador, Singlewire will receive information from NOAA relevant to the Weather-Ready Nation strategic priority, such as toolkits for preparedness weeks and planning information for WRN-sponsored events. A greater dialog will lead to new innovative opportunities for collaboration, all leading toward greater preparedness, responsiveness, and resilience to extreme events.

Severe Weather Mass Notification

Singlewire Software has been helping organizations prepare for and manage severe weather events for years. Our InformaCast mass notification software can monitor CAP feeds from the National Weather Service and automatically send alerts when relevant severe weather approaches. The monitoring can be configured to look for specific weather events within a geographical area. When an alert matches the predetermined criteria, it automatically triggers alerts to the appropriate groups and devices connected to InformaCast. IP phones, IP speakers, email, digital signage, desktop computers, SMS text messaging, and more can all be used to deliver mass notifications related to weather alerts. This helps ensure everyone receives a message in the shortest amount of time.

Should a weather event cause your organization to close, InformaCast can also be used to provide updates on when operations will return to normal. This helps prevent people from going out in dangerous weather situations.

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Other Emergencies

While organizations may need InformaCast to help with weather alerting, its mass notification capabilities extend beyond that use case. InformaCast notifications can be customized for any emergency situation an organization needs to prepare for. From active shooter situations to medical emergencies and chemical spills, InformaCast lets you build the right message and get it to the right people as quickly as possible. By leveraging multiple communication channels as part of your mass notification ecosystem, you help minimize the chance that someone will miss a message.

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