Leveraging Your Emergency Notification System for Wildfire Threats

natural disaster emergency notification system

Prepare for Natural Disasters

In December 2017, California experienced an outbreak of wildfires that closed schools, disrupted traffic, and caused issues for businesses and organizations around the state. When natural disasters such as wildfires occur, not having a plan in place can lead to serious consequences that  impact businesses and lead to potentially life threatening situations.

In the past we have mostly discussed using emergency notification systems in severe weather situations such as blizzards, thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes. However, with proper planning, your emergency notification system can be used for any kind of natural disaster you may encounter, including wildfires.

Evacuations, Delays and Closings

When wildfires are approaching, sending an evacuation notice is critical to make sure your people reach safety. An emergency communication system that can reach mobile and on-premises devices can help clear people out of endangered areas and prevent anyone from approaching when then should be seeking safety. This is particularly important during off hours when people may not be checking email at their desk. Setting up messages ahead of time with recommendations for where to seek safety also helps provide clear instructions so people can act quickly.

Once people are out of harm’s way, the emergency notification system can be used to provide updates about the status of your organization as the wildfires are battled. Letting people know that buildings will be closed or that buildings have been damaged or destroyed as a result of the fire let people know they should stay away. If buildings need to be closed for extended periods of time, an emergency notification system can be used to alert employees, as well as display messages on devices like digital signage to alert others.

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Confirm Everyone’s Safety

Some emergency notification systems offer the ability to have message recipients send a confirmation when they have received a message. During a wildfire, if your organization is evacuating, this can be vital to knowing who has gotten away safely and who still needs assistance. Certain systems will also activate a tracking feature on mobile devices of recipients who say they need assistance. This can help safety personnel be more effective by having an accurate idea of where to locate and direct people.

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Gathering Key Decision Makers

During an event like a wildfire, where it can be difficult to determine when the situation will resolve itself and operations can return to normal, having tools that foster collaboration and decision-making are vital. Some emergency notification systems not only send out critical messages, but can trigger collaborative spaces for key decision makers such as online messaging applications or conference calls. This helps with situation management and enacting speedy responses to ongoing crisis situations.

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Utilizing an emergency notification system during a wildfire can help minimize downtime and damage, and help keep people safe.





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