Latest InformaCast Release Includes Zoom Phone Integration


Zoom Phone Integration

In an ongoing effort to make it easy for any organization to leverage the benefits of our InformaCast mass notification software, regardless of their environment, Singlewire Software has introduced a new integration with Zoom Phone. Now, Zoom Phone customers have full access to InformaCast’s mobile and on-premises alerting capabilities. When a notification is triggered from a Zoom Phone it can be delivered to an ecosystem of connected devices and systems, sending text, audio, and visual messages to other phones, IP speakers, desktop computers, digital signage, and mobile devices. Messages can be preconfigured to address urgent situations an organization may face, such as an active shooter. Being able to activate alerts from devices and systems people are using regularly makes it quick and easy to get the word out when time is of the essence.

This new feature is included as part of the release of InformaCast 12.22.2. In this blog post, we’ll highlight the major feature updates included in this release.

Other Mass Notification Updates

Other new features in this release include:

  • CallAware for Zoom Phones. Zoom Phone users can now send a scenario’s notifications by dialing 911 with the CallAware for Zoom scenario launcher. Scenario questions can be pre-configured with answers in advance, and administrators can provide either static answers or use Zoom's dynamic variables.
  • New Cloud-synced Unified Communications Manager Cluster Configurations. The configuration parameters of a Unified Communications Manager cluster are now stored in the cloud and synced down to your on-premises servers, minimizing the risk of configuration errors across multiple Unified Communications Manager servers/clusters.
  • Newly Supported Resources and Updated Templates for Bulk Uploads. Text-to-speech preferences and content can now be uploaded in bulk to InformaCast Fusion along with other message template details. In addition, Singlewire has updated its templates to support this new functionality.

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Leading Innovation

The Singlewire team is always looking to push the limits of our innovation capabilities. New integrations like Zoom Phone come as a direct response to customer feedback and requests. As the ongoing pandemic drastically changed the way organizations conduct their operations, the need for flexible solutions has never been a higher priority. InformaCast continues to lead the mass notification industry with its wide range of integrations with different devices and systems to help organizations build the most effective alerting solution to keep their people safe and informed, everywhere, every time.




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