Clear Communication Means Contacting People on the Right Channel

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More Channels, More Opportunities

It can be easy to think of communicating with someone as a 1:1 task. You send one message to one device in one format. But we live in a world where people can be reached in an almost unlimited number of ways. Email, text messages, and social media have expanded the way we communicate with each other. Utilizing only one form of communication can be costly, especially during emergencies.

Tools that facilitate clear communication, regardless of circumstances, make sending messages in multiple formats to multiple devices easy. During critical situations, it’s essential to get information that keeps people safe into their hands quickly. Taking time to use multiple systems can cost precious seconds when a life-threatening situation occurs.


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Consider Real-World Obstacles

During an emergency, high volume can cause congestion on cellular networks. That’s why it is important to utilize multiple channels to reach people. For example, people in Boston experienced challenges during the marathon bombing attack in 2013. This issue arose when everyone used the network at the same time. This included the people in the area trying to make outgoing calls and people outside the area trying to reach people inside it. This taxed the network and made it difficult for calls to get through.

Service providers advised people use text messaging and emails so emergency calls could get through. Phone calls can jam a network when too many are taking place simultaneously. However, text messages and emails have a better chance of finding an opening for delivery when a message is sent.


Utilize Today’s Technology

Continuity Central recommends taking advantage of smartphones since those devices can often connect to Wi-Fi networks. This provides options for reaching out to people using social media, email, and other messaging apps that can operate without a cellular network.

Clear communication also involves keeping the right channels clear. Assess the different channels available to reach people, and understand what will be the most effective given the situation. Remember that certain channels may be flooded, and messages may get lost. Communicate across multiple channels to get information to the people that need it.

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