How the InformaCast M2M Plugin Can Help Any Facility

The sky is the limit when it comes to ways to use the InformaCast M2M plugin. Since it monitors contact closures, you can integrate InformaCast notifications with many building control and safety systems. From door locks to lights, and refrigerators to fire alarm systems, InformaCast can help you get even more value out of your current systems. Here are some examples of ways any organization can benefit from using the InformaCast M2M plugin: 

Integrating with Fire Alarm Systems

The National Fire Protection Association, a leading authority on fire safety that is comprised of fire marshals, fire chiefs, and fire safety experts, recommends that people augment their fire alarms with text and audio instead of relying on traditional systems with horns and strobes.

A small manufacturing company in the Midwest is currently putting this into practice. Their facility is comprised of an office and a manufacturing shop, divided by a firewall. It used to be that when a sprinkler went off in the shop, people in the office had no way of knowing about it. To solve this problem, they integrated InformaCast with their sprinkler system so that when a sprinkler goes off in the shop, it automatically triggers an InformaCast notification to the office and the whole company is informed. 

Triggering Sirens

In addition to sending text and other audio notifications, several companies use the InformaCast M2M plugin to trigger sirens. In an emergency, this helps to get people's attention and emphasize the urgency of the situation.  

Triggering Strobes and Visual Cues

For any situation in which audible and text aren't sufficient, you can use the InformaCast M2M plugin to trigger a strobe. Several companies use visual cues to communicate with people who are hearing impaired, working in noisy facilities where audio notifications could be missed, or working at a dark worksite. 




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