InformaCast Mobile Launches Conference Call Collaboration

mobile conference calls for crisis communication

Bring Everyone Together

When an emergency happens in your organization, you need to bring together the right people, quickly to help manage the situation. But this can be challenging when people are scattered across a facility or campus, and cannot join with the immediacy that the event demands. The new outbound system for InformaCast Mobile offers users the ability to trigger automatic conference calls to key personnel for instant collaboration during a crisis.

Create Groups for the Right People

Inside the updated InformaCast Mobile interface, current users will find a new option for “Outbound Systems.” This will give users the option to initiate a conference call by sending a broadcast to designated distribution lists and individual users.


By creating a conference call you can bring together up to 40 people in one conference call to help manage an emergency situation. When a message is broadcast it calls recipient phones and sends push notifications, SMS texts, and emails with the conference call number and login PIN. This offers a means for users to have access to call-in information to join the call later if they are not able to do so immediately. Users who receive the invitation to join the conference call on their mobile app can press the number provided to automatically join the call without needing to enter the PIN. They also have the option to share the dial-in information with others via text, email, and other messaging services.


Included with InformaCast Mobile

This is a new feature that comes included for current InformaCast Mobile customers. The conference call number will not change so recipients can save it in their phones to know who is calling. Administrators also have the ability to create an unlimited number of conference calls.

Get Started with InformaCast Mobile

Administrators will also have access to analytic features in the web console and on the mobile app to see who has answered the call, who has joined the call and who has completed it.

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