What's New in InformaCast 9.0.2


InformaCast 9.0.2 including resiliency is now available for download on Singlewire.com. 

Highlights of the InformaCast 9.0.2 release include:

  • InformaCast® Resiliency™ - InformaCast Resiliency supports one or more redundant instances of InformaCast that will take over immediately and automatically if your primary InformaCast server becomes unavailable for any reason.
  • PushToTalk - Now as a feature within the InformaCast Virtual Appliance
  • Phone Wipe - Clear InformaCast messages and return phones to their ready state
  • AND Speakers - Perform actions based on message priority


Watch the three-minute video to learn more:



If you would like more detail, here is our InformaCast 9.0.2 Engineering Overview Podcast with Singlewire CTO, Jerry Steinhauer.


InformaCast Resiliency:

If you would like to learn more about InformaCast Resiliency and how it can be used in your organization.

Contact the Singlewire Team if you would like to learn more.




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