Streamlining Retail Communications with Mass Notifications

improve customer service with mass notification in retail

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Online reviews and social media have made exceptional customer service an important touchstone of the retail experience. Mass notification systems give managers the tools their staff need to help customers and conduct daily functions more efficiently.

Facilitate Customer Calls

Many retail businesses have call systems that allow them to park incoming customers calls and page the proper department to answer questions, but certain systems go beyond this traditional method, to connect customers with the right person, faster. Look for a system that can centralize call management across all store locations. Make sure you have the ability to escalate and reroute a call if a customer query is not being answered. This service can lead to more in-store visits, increased sales and strengthened customer loyalty.

Utilize Park and Page for Customer Calls

Increase Productivity

In addition to better customer service via the phone, retailers are using mass notification systems to save time and money. These systems help streamline communications for shift changes, store closings, delivery driver arrival time, and severe weather. With GPS monitoring, retail stores can receive alerts when deliveries are approaching, to help make sure loading docks are clear and available for quick offload to cut down on driver overtime. Push-to-talk functionalities help facilitate rapid communication. Systems that automatically trigger pre-recorded notifications for closing announcements and employee breaks help save time.

It’s also important to have a system in place that can extend to mobile products, speakers, IP phones, and other devices to help streamline these internal functions.

Mobile Notifications Solutions for Retail

Keep Customers and Staff Safe

These features also have the added benefit of being able to quickly communicate with store customers and staff in the event of an emergency. Eliminate the need for weather radios during severe weather by automatically pulling in alerts through an emergency notification system that monitors information from the National Weather Service. Pre-record messages to communicate information clearly, without causing anxiety to store customers.

Whether its severe weather or an unwelcome intruder, mass notifications can provide an easy solution to make people aware of a situation and get them to safety. 

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