Mobile Makes Emergency Moments Matter in Manufacturing

emergency communication in manufacturing

Comply with OSHA Standards

OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Standards outline specific requirements for employee alarm systems, including capabilities, installation, restoration, maintenance and testing. With new technological advances, it can be difficult to know what kind of system to use to ensure supervisors are reaching everyone quickly when a crisis arises.

Mobile Makes the Difference

A crucial differentiator that decision makers should look for in modern systems is the ability to create, send and monitor alerts from mobile devices. An alarm or strobe can help alert workers that an emergency situation is taking place, but in a large facility, the reason for the alert isn’t always evident. Utilizing a system that incorporates mobile alerts can send text and audio messages directly to employee mobile devices. This helps them gain greater understanding of the situation and can result in quicker reactions.

Other key mobile benefits include:

  • Message confirmation and escalation – Know that employees have read messages, ask for and monitor responses in real time  
  • Notifications to any device – whether push, SMS, email or phone call, employees should be able to receive alerts no matter what device they are using
  • Fast, scalable and easy to use – cloud-based solutions mean notifications are always available to send quickly and securely

Mobile Integration Means More Awareness

In addition to mobile, your emergency alarm system should be able to:

  • Send notifications to phones, lighting, IP speakers, digital signage, security systems, and PA systems
  • Integrate with fire alarms, sprinklers, temperature sensors, ammonia sensors and other existing systems
  • Automatically monitor, record, and send an alert when an emergency number like 911 is dialed
  • Respond to employee injuries faster by knowing when and where an eyewash station is activated, or an AED defibrillator is accessed.
  • Communicate with people across your facility in realtime with walkie-talkie functionality on wireless phones
  • Address line interruptions faster by knowing when and where line stop buttons are activated

Understand what you need from a system to comply with OSHA standards and what features you can incorporate to keep employees safe and aware.

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