Power Plant Dispatches First Responders Swiftly with InformaCast

Critical Mass Emergency Notification System

Protecting Your Most Important Asset

In every organization, the most important asset is the people that work there, and keeping them safe is a top priority. Technology is being leveraged in innovative ways to make people aware of life threatening situations and help efficiently manage a response.

Sending Assistance Where It’s Most Needed

This was the recent case at a nuclear power facility in Georgia when one of its personnel experienced a medical emergency. First responders needed to be called and directed to the area where the employee needed assistance. Given the size of the facility, this could prove challenging if the proper tools weren’t used.

However, the facility was able to utilize InformaCast, its emergency notification system, to help the distressed employee. The Operations Duty Manager broadcast a message asking for assistance throughout the facility using InformaCast and Cisco phones. This immediately alerted first responders, one of whom was able to reach the employee in just a few minutes, with five others following close behind. They were able to assist the employee, who was sent to the hospital for further evaluation.

Teamwork + Preparation = Success

Several factors contributed to this speedy response. Much of the credit goes to the IT team who triggered the alert that notified first responders. They were also lauded for the initial set up of the InformaCast system which made it simple to contact all the first responders. The employee recovered and the facility was able to avoid a major accident due to this quick and easy message deployment.

Learn more about how customers use InformaCast for emergency management

InformaCast is a flexible solution that can be adapted to almost any workplace environment. It can be configured to reach Cisco phones, overhead speakers, strobe lights, alarms and bells, mobile phones and more. It offers a variety of message types to reach people with live, ad hoc or prerecorded audio, SMS text messages, phone calls and emails. This increases the chances of everyone in an organization receiving the message, and responding to it quickly.




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