Digital Acoustics Announces Singlewire InformaCast Integration

effective emergency notifiction IP audio device integration

Bringing Everything Together

When it comes to emergency notification, the more you can bring together, the better chance you have reaching everyone during a crisis. That’s why Singlewire Software is always looking for opportunities to partner with innovative companies that get information to the people who need it, when they need it most.

Digital Acoustics, a US developer and manufacturer of network-based IP audio devices, and Singlewire Software have announced a partnership that supports InformaCast integration with Digital Acoustics’ line of IP speakers and amplifiers. This integration allows Digital Acoustics to become part of InformaCast’s larger system that enables people to reach an unlimited number of Cisco IP phones, speakers, cell phones and other devices. Messages can be sent with text and live, ad-hoc, prerecorded, or text-to-speech audio creating a powerful IP paging and emergency notification system for any environment.

“Digital Acoustics’ integration with the Singlewire InformaCast solution will allow us to expand our customer base by offering more innovative PA and emergency notification results to our customers,” said Christopher McNicholas, Vice President of Sales for Digital Acoustics. “Customers looking to install our IP speakers and IP amplifiers to their InformaCast deployment, can now easily do so. Additionally, all existing Digital Acoustics IP7 customers also have the ability to utilize this integration. We’re continually trying to offer our customers the most effective, cost efficient PA and emergency notification solutions out there, and this is just another step in that direction.”

Read more about this partnership here.

Combined Solutions for Greater Reach

The partnership provides emergency notification and public address solutions for K-12 schools, college and university campuses, business offices, government buildings, manufacturing facilities and more.

Digital Acoustics IP audio solutions for InformaCast include industry leading IP7 IP speakers and IP amplifiers. With InformaCast users can send scheduled and live audio to designated groups of IP speakers and IP amplifiers using Cisco Unified Communications Manager or other VoIP based phone systems.

Digital Acoustics IP7 IP speakers are simple to install, PoE ready and provide up to 8 watts of audio. The following models are available with the “InformaCast enabled” option:

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