Access control

Customer Viewpoint: School District Showcases Enhanced Student Safety

Watch this video one of our customers put together showcasing how they are using InformaCast to enhance student safety.

How to Connect InformaCast to Door Locks and Access Control Systems

InformaCast emergency notification system can connect to door lock and access control systems. Learn how in this blog post.

Wahsega Labs' InformaCast-Enabled Speakers Aid Tampa Bay Schools

Wahsega mass communication speakers in K12 schools
Over the summer, schools in Tampa Bay reassessed their speaker and zone controller needs and installed Wahsega Labs’ Two-Classroom 2x2 Ceiling Speaker. These cost-effective speakers integrate with InformaCast to provide a secure learning environment.

Keeping Schools Safe with Cisco, Jabber and InformaCast

Safer schools with Cisco and InformaCast emergency notification system
In the demonstration, Cisco illustrates how connected systems make it easy for front desk personnel to assess situations and ask for assistance if they feel there is an issue.

Podcast - Ted Hayes from M3 Insurance: School Security

Singlewire's Brad Parkel talks to Ted Hayes, Senior Risk Manager with M3 Insurance in this podcast about school security.