Active shooter

Active Shooter Strategy Comparison: ALICE vs. Run. Hide. Fight

Active Shooter Strategy ALICE Run Hide Fight
In this blog post we examine the key points of ALICE Training and Run. Hide. Fight for active shooter scenarios.

ALICE and Singlewire Software Partner for Safety Webinar

Singlewire Software and the ALICE Training Institute team for a webinar on active shooter safety and emergency notification.

Active Shooter Resources from the Department of Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security website offers tools for human resources and security professionals to aide in active shooter preparation.

Preparing Your Business for Active Shooter Scenarios

prepare emergency notification for active shooter scenarios
A recent white paper from Neckerman Insurance Services outlines best practices businesses should take to prepare for an active shooter scenario, including how to develop an emergency action plan (EAP).

Sunnyside School District Uses InformaCast for Lockdown

school district emergency notification lockdown procedures
“I hope to god we never have to do it (implement active shooter procedures)."