InformaCast Mobile

An Overview of UCaaS and How It Relates to InformaCast Emergency Notification

Learn what UCaaS is and how it factors into the functionality of InformaCast mass notification systems.

Leveraging Twitter with InformaCast Emergency Notification

Learn how to integrate Twitter with InformaCast to broadcast emergency notifications to followers via social media.

4 Best Practices for Mobile Mass Notification

Utilize these best practices for mobile mass notification to send effective, attention-grabbing alerts throughout your organization.

Track People That Need Assistance with Groundbreaking InformaCast Update

InformaCast now offers the ability to track users who request assistance to help manage crisis even

Singlewire Offers 99.99% Availability on Cloud-Offerings with SLA

Singlewire Software’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) offers 99.99 percent availability on our cloud-based InformaCast mass notification systems, InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion.

Protect Visitors with Easy Emergency Notification Opt-In

emergency notification text alerts to visitors
Emergency notification for visitors from InformaCast allows administrators to create campaigns for individuals temporarily visiting their facilities, even if they do not have the InformaCast Mobile app.

NEWS: InformaCast Mobile Adds Location-Based Emergency Notifications

The InformaCast Mobile app and web interface now offers users the ability to select areas of interest and establish notification perimeters for designated locations.

Use Location-Based Notifications in InformaCast Mobile

location based emergency notification mobile app
The latest update for InformaCast Mobile includes location-based emergency notifications for InformaCast Mobile. The mobile app and web interface will now offer users the ability to select areas of interest and establish notification perimeters for designated locations.

InformaCast Mobile Launches Conference Call Collaboration

mobile conference calls for crisis communication
Bring together up to 40 people in one conference call to help manage an emergency situation, using InformaCast Mobile.

Mobile Makes Emergency Moments Matter in Manufacturing

emergency communication in manufacturing
Employee safety can be improved through faster notification. Mobile alerts can be used to reach employees, receive message confirmations and escalate if necessary.