Urinal Flushing and 9 Other Creative Uses for Mass Notification

Check out these creative mass notification use cases from our customers to learn how you can expand the capabilities of your system.

How Manufacturing Facilities Leverage Emergency Notification Systems

Learn how manufacturing customers are using InformaCast to keep facilities safe and operations running smoothly.

Case Study: InformaCast Enables Facility-Wide Emergency Alerts for NB Coatings

Manufacturing company NB Coatings uses InformaCast to send emergency notifications throughout its campus.

Power Plant Dispatches First Responders Swiftly with InformaCast

Critical Mass Emergency Notification System
The facility was able to utilize InformaCast, its emergency notification system, to help the distressed employee.

Manufacturers Share InformaCast Best Practices for Facilities

manufacturing safety notification with 911 alerting and weather alerts
Our most recent user’s group meeting featured two manufacturing customers sharing the successes they’ve experienced implementing InformaCast for mass notification in their facilities, including best practices for 911 alerting and weather notification.

Mobile Makes Emergency Moments Matter in Manufacturing

emergency communication in manufacturing
Employee safety can be improved through faster notification. Mobile alerts can be used to reach employees, receive message confirmations and escalate if necessary.

White Paper: Solutions for Your Toughest Manufacturing Challenges

white paper for manufacturing emergency notification
This white paper covers notification challenges in manufacturing, including hazardous chemical alerts, eye wash station activation, building lockdowns and more.

InformaCast and Wachter: Making IoT Work for You

IoT integrations including line stop buttons, chemical monitoring and 911 alerts are covered in this joint blog post from Singlewire and Wachter.

Real-Life Examples of How the InformaCast M2M Plugin Helps Health and Safety Engineers Keep Employees Safe

Examples of how InformaCast improves safety at manufacturing plants through better notification, including eye wash stations, ammonia sensors and line stop buttons.

Receive InformaCast Notifications from Eye Wash Stations

InformaCast can work with your eyewash station to automatically notify your safety team when the eye wash station is used.