Why a Siloed Approach Doesn’t Work for Mass Notification

If your mass notification systems are in separate silos, chances are you're wasting time delivering a critical safety information to all of your people.

7 Onboarding Steps for InformaCast Fusion Mass Notification

Understand the steps it takes to get your InformaCast Fusion mass notification system up and running with this seven-step process.

Save Time, Money, and Waste with Everyday Uses For Your Mass Notification System

Learn how Informaast customers are finding everyday uses for mass notification that save time, money and waste.

How to Implement Your Mass Notification System in Phases

Learn the benefits of a phased implementation when deploying your mass notification system in this blog post.

Purchasing A Mass Notification System Requires Buy-in from Multiple Departments

Purchasing and implementing a mass notification system requires buy-in from multiple departments to ensure everyone has a stake in safety planning for an organization.

Mass Notifications Need a Wide Reach and Regular Testing to Ensure Effectiveness

Testing twice a year and only reaching people through one channel can lead to big headaches when it comes to mass notification. Learn why in this post.

Testing Emergency Communication Tools Ensures Effectiveness

test emergency communication tools
Creating a testing plan that works in conjunction with emergency communication strategies helps build familiarity throughout organizations. This can assist in avoiding costly mistakes.

Get the Most Out of Emergency Communication Tools

Crisis Communication & Text Alert System
When developing an emergency communication plan, it’s important to look at what has worked, and what hasn’t, at other organizations.

Prepare Emergency Communications for Winter Break and Beyond

Emergency School Bell Notification System
With a limited number of students, faculty and staff on campus during this time, it may not make sense to have the same emergency notification plan as the rest of the year.

WHITE PAPER: Clear Communication During a Crisis

Crisis Communication & Notification System
In this white paper, we examine recent events that have been impacted by misinformation. From terrorist attacks, to school shootings and severe weather, efforts to keep people informed have been hindered by technical and user errors.