Case Study - Necedah K-12 School District Improves Message Reach with InformaCast




The Necedah school is almost smack dab in the middle of the state of Wisconsin. So we're rural. We have just under 700 kids. We have about 130 employees, I believe, overall, and we're enclosed in one k-12 building.

Our primary means for purchasing the system that we did and making sure that it was working was for safety. Student safety, primarily, and then communication. I wanted one solution that would take care of everything we needed.

We had a bomb threat two years ago. And during our bomb threat it was just a mess. We were trying to figure out what we should say, where we should say it from. We had to evacuate the building. To evacuate the building we were running around and catching people. We didn't have a way to communicate.

InformaCast, and going IP based entirely, has been just huge for us. We have speakers everywhere we ever imagined we would. And we can communicate quickly. So it's been a big, big change for us.

Being in a small school that we have students-- it's not always a high school room, it's not always a middle school room at any given point in the day. Different students are going to be populating that room. The interesting thing that InformaCast provides us is the flexibility to have our zones specific to where our students are going to be. So we can set them up with different paging zones to hit different spots in the building. And I like the flexibility that provides us. 

We're actually starting to play with something new using InformaCast, using the actual messaging of it.

Instead of overhead pages, we're starting use the scrolling messages. We're finding that that's very effective at different times of the day putting scrolling messages, less class interruptions. And then more opportunity for students to see the messages and respond. So we're looking to branch out a little more with that.

We want to have events set up for tornado alarms, building evacuations. Unfortunately in this day and age we need lock down situations. Anything that impacts student safety. Because I want my principals to be able to be in a wing of the school with their cell phone, if there's a lock down situation I want to be able to hit something and lock us down. I don't want them that have to run through the ringer.

I love the fact that we can buy the software and it's upgradeable. And over time things will be adjusted and added.