InformaCast Customer Success

When you invest in InformaCast notification solutions, you don’t just get software.


At Singlewire Software, we’re dedicated to helping our customers successfully deploy our InformaCast emergency notification system in their organizations. Our Customer Success Team offers guidance before, during and after a customer purchases InformaCast to ensure our users understand every feature available to them and how they can use it in their organization.

Every customer will receive onboarding training and have the option to purchase additional professional services through our Jumpstart and SmartStart packages. Custom professional services are also available if needed. Use the navigation below to learn how your organization can achieve success using InformaCast.

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InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion customers will receive onboarding training with their purchase. Within 24 hours of processing an order, new licenses will be provisioned in the cloud and the software will be ready to download to get started. To help add users within InformaCast, Singlewire will schedule training to help set up and configure a User Loader to bulk import users. Once users are loaded into InformaCast, a second training session will be scheduled to offer a tour of the user interface and provide a walkthrough of message templates, distribution lists, and security groups. At the end of your training session, we'll help launch a test message to ensure the new InformaCast system is installed and configured correctly. This helps organizations achieve a basic understanding of how InformaCast works and sets them on the path to begin using it regularly.

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Organizations that need detailed assistance with setting up InformaCast will be able to purchase one of two professional service packages. JumpStart helps you get your new software ready to use quickly and efficiently. We help you install and configure your InformaCast Fusion software and walk you through creating new users, distribution lists, and message templates. Your administrator level training includes sending test notifications to ensure your system is ready to use successfully. Additional end-user training is available during our scheduled virtual classroom sessions.

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SmartStart takes a deeper dive into the unique use-cases and requirements of an organization and delivers the features most commonly requested by our customers. We’ll spend additional time with an organization’s safety, human resources, or business continuity teams to identify key business outcomes and develop a specific implementation plan that meets every need. We help install and configure the InformaCast Fusion software and help create new users, distribution lists, and message templates. We’ll also deliver integration with panic buttons, set up emergency call alerting with CallAware and establish regularly scheduled messages. This training includes sending test notifications to ensure the system is ready to use.SmartStart includes more hands-on training and more custom integrations, including InformaCast Desktop Notifier configuration and High Availability set up.

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Custom Professional Services

For organizations that require more assistance, our Customer Success Team is ready to help in any way possible. Whether it’s a complex enterprise-wide rollout, unique architecture, or industry-specific device integration, we can help design a project plan that puts any organization on the road to success. With help from our team of engineers, we draw on their experience working with thousands of customers to help enhance safety and communication to keep people safe and informed.




An onboarding fee is applied to customers purchasing InformaCast Mobile or InformaCast Fusion. This is to help ensure successful setup and implementation of the software. Consult the pricing chart below or contact our sales team to receive a quote for any service level.


Emergency Mass Notification System

 Mobile / Fusion 

  Onboarding Fee applies to new InformaCast Mobile and Fusion subscriptions
      250 - 950 users $787.50
   1,000 - 2,450 users $1,575.00   
   2,500 - 4,950 users $2,625.00   
   5,000 - 9,500 users $3,675.00   
 10,000 or more users Contact us for pricing


Professional Services are offered by our Customer Support Team as an optional add-on to a customer's InformaCast purchase. Professional Services are available in two packages: JumpStart and SmartStart. Custom Professional Services are also available should the customer require in-depth training and installation assistance.

  Professional Services Pricing
   JumpStart   $6,000
   SmartStart $15,000
   Custom Professional Services  Contact us for pricing



Contact Us

Our Customer Success Team is here to answer your questions and get you connected with the right people to achieve a successful implementation. For more details about utilizing professional services with your InformaCast deployment, contact Kevin Schmotzer at [email protected], or your Singlewire Territory Manager.