Fire Door Armor

Protecting Schools from Active Shooters


Fire Door Armor

Nothing is more terrifying than to hear of an active shooter event through breaking news - unless you are a victim of one. Just hearing of an event, we immediately think of the safety and lives of our children, friends, and family who might be caught in one. 

Fire Door Armor™ (patent pending) is a complete active shooter Breachable Barricade Solution to provide Instant-upon-Actuation™ immediate mass notification and to provide secure-in-place safety for those caught in an active shooter emergency, and peace of mind for loved ones.

About Fire Door Armor

Fire Door Armor™ (patent pending) offers the latest barricade technology intended to keep active shooters out of secure areas while allowing unimpeded egress in case of fire. Its technology provides immediate mass notification to lock down an entire campus in seconds, saving countless lives in an active shooter emergency.

Fire Door Armor™ (patent pending) is simple to actuate, it's manual, intuitive and can be initiated in seconds

In its resting position on the door, single-motion egress is fully functional for exit in case of fire

Complete program, hardware, installation, inspection, and monitoring is affordable through Community Funding School District Lease Program encouraging parent, family, and corporate participation and sponsorship.

Recommended for classrooms, offices, bathrooms, assembly areas, or other designated safe rooms.

Door Armor Active Shooter Barricade

Safety When It Counts™

When a barricade is engaged, InformaCast Fusion notifies the entire facility in seconds, giving students and staff precious time to get out of harm's way.

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Door Armor Active Shooter

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