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Whitepaper - Scalable Deployment Process for Emergency Call Alerting and Recording

The Flexible and Scalable Design Considerations for CallAware provide ideas on how CallAware might fit into your existing or upcoming deployment of Cisco Communications Manager. 

Emergency Call Monitoring Implementation Kit

The Emergency Call Monitoring Implementation Kit will get you started with understanding the scope and details of activating call monitoring within your organization.

Whitepaper - Implementing Emergency Notification in Schools

Learn more about implementing emergency notification in schools and how to cut costs, improve safety, and realize efficiencies by combining passing bells, overhead paging, and emergency notification into one system.

Whitepaper – How to Modernize You School’s Bells, Overhead Paging, and Mass Notification in Times of Austerity

In this whitepaper, we’ll look at the ways you can modernize and consolidate your school’s bells, overhead paging system, and emergency communication system to save money and time.

eBook - IP Paging vs Analog Paging - What You Need to Know

IP Paging versus Analog Paging WhitepaperIn this whitepaper, we’ll look at the important differences between IP-based overhead paging systems versus analong paging systems.

Whitepaper - Playbook for Implementing Mass Notification in Higher Education

This whitepaper will guide you through where to start and what to take into consideration when you are implementing a new mass notification and emergency communication system.

Whitepaper - How to Migrate ReliCast to DialCast

If you have upgraded to InformaCast 8.0 and are ready to migrate from ReliCast to DialCast, download this 23 page whitepaper for steps to help walk you through the migration process.

Whitepaper - Multicast for Singlewire Applications

This whitepaper will show you how combining Muliticast with Singlewire's InformaCast can help you reach thousands of devices quickly and efficiently.

Whitepaper - What You Need to Know to Communicate During an Emergency

In this whitepaper you’ll learn more about the methodology for identifying the people you need to reach with a notification, writing effective messages, and learning more about the technology for sending notification.

Whitepaper - Singlewire Integration with Algo Communications Solutions

The Singlewire Integration with Algo Communications Solutions whitepaper is a guide on how to integrate Singlewire Software’s applications into an environment using Algo Communications Solutions products. .

LDAP Integration with InformaCast Whitepaper

The LDAP Integration with InformaCast whitepaper is for users who are somewhat familiar with InformaCast, and will try to teach the LDAP integration and features related from a beginner standpoint. .