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InformaCast is a software virtual appliance certified by Cisco to run co-resident with Unified Communications Manager. InformaCast Basic Paging provides live audio paging between Cisco IP phones or to groups of up to 50 phones simultaneously.

Extend your reach beyond live audio paging by purchasing InformaCast Advanced, a full-featured emergency notification solution that allows you to reach an unlimited number of phones with text and live or pre-recorded audio messages.


  • Live audio paging between Cisco IP Phones, with no limit on the number of phones per group
  • Integration to existing overhead paging systems
  • Text and audio (live or pre-recorded) to Cisco IP Phones and other endpoints
  • Audio broadcasts to IP Speakers
  • 911/emergency call monitoring/alerting/recording
  • Automated weather notifications
  • Dynamically-triggered emergency conference calls
  • Pre-recorded/scheduled broadcasts (school bells/shift changes)
  • Notification to computer desktops (Windows and macOS) via InformaCast Desktop Notifier
  • Integrate with digital signage solutions and 3rd-party mass notification providers
  • Notification and confirmation to mobile devices (Apple, Android, and SMS) with InformaCast Mobile
  • Trigger notification to/from other systems (panic/duress buttons, door locks, lights, etc.)
  • Access to dedicated Singlewire Software Support Team with Active Software Maintenance contracts

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