InformaCast Incident Management

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Critical Event Management made easy

InformaCast Incident Management is a centralized location where users can manage incident plans for all critical events.

Incident Plans

Managers can stage relevant notifications such as the initial alert, key updates, and "All Clear" messages to signal the event has been resolved.

Utilize a single interface

Manage all devices and messages via a single interface and create easy-to-trigger messages with InformaCast Command Center.

Incident Resources Hub

Incident team members Users can also upload relevant resources like safety checklists, building floor plans, and links to external resources like security camera feeds into the incident hub.
Team members can manage the incident using either the admin web console or the mobile app.

Consolidated Reports

When the incident is over, an after-action report is created that allows users to review how the event was managed and inform future adjustments to ensure the most effective response possible.

Manage your Critical Events

Incident Management is a powerful new feature of Command Center in InformaCast Fusion or InformaCast Mobile.

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