InformaCast Mobile Services Description

InformaCast Mobile is a mass and emergency notification service that can reach one to thousands of users quickly through any combination of push notifications, SMS messages, phone calls and emails.

InformaCast Mobile also allows recipients to respond to notifications, providing strong situational awareness in emergency situations.

InformaCast Mobile includes a bi-directional integration with InformaCast, Singlewire’s on-premises notification platform. This integration allows a single notification - regardless of its origin - to reach both on-premises devices (e.g. Cisco phones, computers, and overhead speakers) and mobile devices.

InformaCast Mobile is delivered by Singlewire Software1 as Software as a Service with an annual subscription for a specified number of users. The subscription includes access to phone support, see detailed feature information below.

InformaCast Mobile User Roles

Message Recipients

  • Receive messages via push notifications (iOS, Android) after installing the InformaCast Mobile app
  • Receive messages via SMS text messages, emails and phone calls
  • Respond via same channels
  • Manage preferences in the app: opt in/out, do-not-disturb status, and contact information (phone numbers and email addresses)

Message Senders

  • Create, update and delete notifications from within the InformaCast Mobile Web console and application for iOS and Android.
  • Send notifications and view recipient responses from the Web console and app


  • Manage the system through the InformaCast Mobile Web console

1Note: Singlewire Software has been granted Authority To Operate (ATO) in AWS GovCloud, which is FedRAMP certified.

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