InformaCast Mobile FAQ

Dive deeper into how InformaCast Mobile works, how to purchase it, and how to best implement with these frequently asked questions.


How is InformaCast Mobile licensed?

Annual subscription, per user, sold in blocks of 250 users. Users are people who can view, create, send, or receive a mass notification, depending on their allowed permissions. User count is based on the highest number of users in the database during the contract period.


What's the user experience for someone receiving an InformaCast Mobile broadcast?

The user experience will include the following elements:

  • Email Messages
    • You can be asked for a response or respond to a message
    • You will receive the subject, body, image, and a link to the audio
  • Phone Calls
    • You can be asked for a response or respond to a message
    • You’ll receive from one or more long codes
    • You’ll hear the audio portion of a critical notification if it exists, or a text-to-speech version of the subject and body if it does not (regular InformaCast Mobile messages include subject, body, picture, and audio)
    • You’ll get charged according to your telecommunications plan for the call
  • SMS / Text Messages
    • You can be asked for a response or respond to a message
    • You’ll receive from one or more long codes
    • You’ll only get the subject (regular InformaCast Mobile messages include subject, body, picture, audio)
    • You’ll get charged according to your cellular plan


How many devices can each user have?

Each user can have up to 14 devices, with a maximum of five designated as Android or iOS, and up to three (per type) designated as SMS, Phone Call, and email


What smartphone devices does InformaCast Mobile support?

Devices running iOS 9.3 or later and Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later can run the corresponding InformaCast Mobile app. 


Is cellular service required, or can I use WiFi?

Your iOS or Android device requires either cellular data or WiFi to receive InformaCast Mobile alerts. The device will always prefer WiFi if it is available. A mass notification will only fail if neither is available. SMS messages require a cellular connection.


Will I need to log in every time I reboot my mobile device?

No. Once you are logged in, InformaCast Mobile will stay persistent across reboots. If you specifically log out of the app, you will not receive a mass or emergency notification.


Where can I learn more about what is required from my organization or each identity provider?

Additional details on each identity provider can be found in our InformaCast Mobile Prerequisites document.


If I have Active Directory (AD), do I already have Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS)?

Not necessarily. Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) is a separate Windows component. 


Why not write our own mass notification system?

You could, but every hour your developers spend on it is an hour they don’t spend working on your organization’s core mission. InformaCast Mobile has a team behind it that specializes in solving your mass notification needs with the notification solutions that will keep your business running smoothly. It’s what we do all day, every day


What types of identity providers are supported with InformaCast mass notification software for authentication?

InformaCast Fusion and InformaCast Mobile authenticate users through an identity provider. Currently, InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion support the following identity providers:

  • InformaCast Built-in Identity Provider
  • Microsoft AD FS 2.0 and 2.1
  • Google OpenID Connect
  • Windows Azure
  • OneLogin
  • Okta

Additional details on each identity provider can be found in our InformaCast Mobile Prerequisites document.


Can InformaCast Mobile connect to Digital Signage?

InformaCast Mobile, by itself, does not send to digital signage. However, if you have InformaCast Mobile connected to your on-site InformaCast Advanced Notification server, you can reach your digital signage. 


How do I integrate InformaCast Mobile with my existing InformaCast Advanced Notification infrastructure?

If you already run InformaCast Advanced Notification software, InformaCast Mobile completes your notification system infrastructure! By using the InformaCast Mobile plugin, you can seamlessly integrate your existing InformaCast Advanced infrastructure with InformaCast Mobile.

Access the Singlewire Academy to learn more.


Are Cisco phones required?

No. All you need with InformaCast Mobile is any phone or email-capable device and an Internet connection.


We already do notifications. Why do we need InformaCast Mobile?

Sending out a mass notification is just the first step. InformaCast Mobile helps you manage situations, after that first critical notification message goes out. It gives users insights into who received the alert, when they read it, and if they need assistance to help you take appropriate next steps. Additionally, InformaCast Mobile works with InformaCast Advanced Notification for a complete mass notification system, reaching both mobile users and on-premises devices like Cisco phones, desktop PCs, digital signage and overhead paging systems.


How many notifications can I send?

You can send a mass notification to as many people as you need, as often as you like. Your InformaCast Mobile subscription includes the ability to reach your people by iOS/Android push notifications, e-mail, phone calls or SMS text messages.


Can I send a mass notification from my smartphone?

Yes. With the InformaCast app installed on your smartphone, you can easily send a pre-configured or custom emergency or mass notification. You can even include audio and an image.


Can users and/or administrators turn InformaCast mass notification system off or opt out of receiving notifications?

There are four ways to opt out of receiving a mass notification from InformaCast Mobile or InformaCast Fusion:

  1. User logs out of iOS or Android app.
  2. The administrator locks a user in InformaCast Mobile web console.
  3. A user utilizes the self-service feature (available through the Menu icon in the app or at to set his or her desired "do not disturb" window
  4. For SMS devices, a user can text back a reply with one of the following keywords: stop, block, cancel, unsubscribe, stopall, end, quit

    Note: Other keywords a user can text are:

    • Start, yes - these will alert the carrier that it can send you messages from this long code again
    • Help, info - these will trigger a note back from the carrier that describes what the stop response does