Upgrading to InformaCast Fusion

As the threats to organizations continue to evolve, so do the solutions they need to have in place to respond to crisis situations. If you’re using InformaCast Advanced or InformaCast Mobile, learn why upgrading to InformaCast Fusion can offer you better speed and reach when it comes to keeping your people safe and informed.



  • Enhanced Mass Notification Capabilities
  • Simplified Administration
  • Easier Upgrades
  • Reach everyone, and every thing, in your organization 



What is InformaCast Fusion?

Instead of separate solutions for on-premises and mobile alerting, InformaCast Fusion combines those two needs into a single system. Using a hybrid-cloud architecture, Fusion offers an unparalleled tool to build a powerful mass notification ecosystem where you can manage and send alerts to all of your mobile and on-premises devices. This gives you the speed and reach to make sure everyone is aware of an emergency situation. 

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Why should I upgrade to InformaCast Fusion?

InformaCast Fusion offers a number of benefits including simple administration, easy to update software and forward-thinking feature updates. You’ll be able to manage devices, users, and messages all from a single interface, and easily edit, add and remove users, create groups, and draft message templates for different emergency scenarios.

Maintaining the system is easy with InformaCast Fusion’s unique hybrid cloud architecture. Updates to the cloud service are automatic, with new features added every six weeks. For the InformaCast Fusion virtual appliance, which sits inside the customer network, only two mouse-clicks are required to perform the upgrade. This means less time is spent maintaining your system than with InformaCast Advanced.  

You’ll also have access to a number of features exclusive to InformaCast Fusion, including:

  • InformaCast Command Center: Set up icons for common alert scenarios that prompt easy to answer questions, so you can quickly send detailed mass notifications.

  • Microsoft Teams Integration: Add Microsoft Teams to your mass notification ecosystem. Receive and trigger InformaCast alerts from within Teams to reach your people in applications they use regularly.

  • High Availability: This optional license, used in conjunction with the InformaCast Fusion Server Appliance, will allow you to continue to send on-premises InformaCast messages even if the network is down between your data center and your remote site.

  • Desk Phone Broadcasting: Expand your IP phone integrations beyond Cisco devices. Now you can send a notification’s audio to any device capable of listening for, then playing, audio sent over a multicast IP address and port.

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What’s involved when upgrading to InformaCast Fusion?

Singlewire Software offers a number of pathways and resources when migrating from your current InformaCast offering to InformaCast Fusion. It’s important to understand that there is currently no data migration tool to copy an existing InformaCast Advanced configuration into InformaCast Fusion. However, there are two options customers can utilize when making the switch.

For organizations that can sustain a longer outage window, have IP speakers or InformaCast Desktop Notifier devices, or have a relatively small number of recipient groups and messages, a flash cut may be the best option. In this scenario, we recommend having the InformaCast Fusion server use the same IP address as the InformaCast Advanced server that is being decommissioned. This helps with IP speaker and InformaCast Desktop Notifier devices that are already pointed to this IP address as their registration server.

If your organization does not want to do a flash cut, you can run InformaCast Advanced and InformaCast Fusion simultaneously. However, we recommend keeping the amount of time when both solutions are active to a minimum, as having two separate notification systems in place creates additional risk and potential user confusion.

To help get your InformaCast Fusion system up and running we offer a series of onboarding videos, along with a workbook to help get you started. These resources are available in the Singlewire Support Community and you can preview these videos if you are already an InformaCast customer at any service level.

See The Benefits of Upgrading to InformaCast Fusion for Mass Notification blog post for more.


How much does it cost to upgrade to InformaCast Fusion?

The cost of your upgrade will be determined by a number of factors, such as your contact expiration date and whether the quantities of your licenses are changing. You can get a general overview of pricing for InformaCast Fusion on our pricing page. However, we recommend talking with a member of our sales team to help give you an exact cost for your migration. You can contact sales directly at [email protected] or by calling +1(608) 661-1140. They will also be able to provide more in-depth answers to any other questions you may have about upgrading. You can also watch a virtual demo of InformaCast Fusion and request a demo for yourself on our demo page.