Columbia College: Reliable and Efficient Mass Notification


Columbia College, located in Sonora, California, is a part of the Yosemite Community College District. Columbia College educates approximately 2,000 students every year and employs 100 faculty members.


Business Challenge:

Columbia College was using an outdated paging system that limited how fast they could send out a mass notification across their campus. Its location in northern California meant the campus was often closed down because of inclement weather conditions. With limited phone capabilities, reaching students quickly to alert them with a critical notification of inclement weather was nearly impossible.



Columbia College implemented the InformaCast mass notification system for its versatility and speed to replace its old paging notification system. With InformaCast in place, campus administrators can send an emergency mass notification to all phones, overhead paging speakers, and additional endpoints, including IP speakers, email accounts, Twitter, and SMS messages.


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