Latin School of Chicago Uses InformaCast Emergency Notification


Latin School of Chicago is a private k-12 school in the heart of the city. The school was founded in 1888 and is an established part of the community. Approximately 1,100 students attend Latin each year.


Business Challenge:

The school used an analog system when sending out an emergency notification. The old notification system, which consisted of a single microphone that triggered a message in each of the school’s buildings, didn’t allow administrators to respond to emergencies quickly enough, which put staff and students at risk.



The school now uses InformaCast mass notification system to immediately alert staff and students when there’s an emergency. A critical notification can be triggered at the touch of a button, sending mass text and audio notifications to all of the school’s Cisco phones, and broadcasts audio to overhead speakers in the school’s multiple buildings. Administrators also receive automatic e-mail messages whenever an emergency notification goes out, which helps them respond faster.


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