InformaCast Enables Facility-Wide Emergency Alerts for NB Coatings


NB Coatings, located in Chicago, Ill., manufactures paints and coatings that adhere to plastic car parts, such as bumpers, running boards, and side mirrors. The NB Coatings campus contains full production facilities for solvent and water-based paints, a quality control laboratory, an administrative office, and a small warehouse.


Business Challenge:

Former emergency alert procedures failed to reach everyone on the campus due to structural and technical challenges. The company needed a way to send notifications to multiple devices, so everyone would be aware when an emergency occurred.



Information technology director Mark Dvorscak implemented InformaCast at the suggestion of his technology consultant from Single Path. InformaCast helped him and his team consolidate paging systems and manage everything from a central web portal. This allowed the safety team and other staff to send emergency messages that reach all areas of campus.


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