Tools and Kits

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InformaCast LogTool

The InformaCast LogTool will help you troubleshoot common issues experienced with implementing and maintaining InformaCast Advanced Notification.

Multicast Testing Tool

Use this tool to perform a “quick check” of multicast on your network to validate that it is configured correctly for handling InformaCast notification traffic.


Use this tool to perform a “quick check” of the SNMP and AXL configuration of your Cisco Unified Communications Manager to validate that it is configured correctly for InformaCast Advanced Notification.

InformaCast Upgrade Validator  

The purpose of this tool is to provide additional guidance to ensure the upgrade process of the InformaCast Advanced Notification server is successful and any items that may require additional steps can be found and planned for prior to the actual upgrade taking place.

MS-to-VA Migration Validator  

For customers running versions of InformaCast Advanced Notification 8.1 or earlier, this Migration Validator tool is meant to be run on the Microsoft server prior to the migration of data.  This tool will do various checks and warn on any items that may prevent a seamless migration of that data.

Sample Audio Files

Get started with these ready-to-use, royalty-free, sample audio tones in the proper format for InformaCast μLaw: 8,000 Hz, 8-bit, mono wav files

Sample Icon Set

InformaCast will show an icon on compatible ip phone displays when sending a message that includes text. Get started with emergency use case icons that have been sized to meet the necessary InformaCast requirements.

InformaCast API Documentation

Perhaps the most powerful tool of all is the API. All API documentation can be found associated with each InformaCast version's user guide.

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Free XML Phone Service applications

Note: The Local Weather, Area Code Lookup, Stock Ticker and Currency Converter have been deprecated and are no longer in service.