Additional Resources

Engineering Tools

Multicast Testing Tool
InformaCast puts audio on the network using multicast. For your Cisco IP phones, speakers, or desktops to receive InformaCast audio the network must route multicast from the InformaCast server to any device that must receive it. The Multicast Testing Tool can both send and receive multicast traffic in the network. The tool gives network engineers a method to test multicast routing from various points in the network to confirm and troubleshoot where and how multicast traffic routes.

InformaCast gathers phone information from Cisco Unified Communications Manager via SNMP and AXL. This tool provides methods to verify and troubleshoot the configuration of each in the environment.

InformaCast LogTool
This tool will help you troubleshoot common issues experienced with implementing and maintaining InformaCast on your network. Check back often to download the most recent version of this tool, as we'll introduce new updates over time.

Sample Audio Files
Download sample audio files, learn how to covert audio to use with InformaCast and more. 

Sample Icon Set
Download sample icons to use when creating text messages in InformaCast.

InformaCast Phone Wiper Tool
This tool clears the screens of IP Phones of stale content. It can be run interactively by providing answers to questions, or given a config file. Using a config file, the program can be scheduled to run via Windows Task Scheduler.  

InformaCast Phone Report Tool
This tool uses the IC PhoneGroupSourcePrimer files to generate a tab separated report of data and to locate phone IP addresses. The phones can then be queried directly for their XML data and have a report generated.  

Clear Phone Displays Script
This document and script provide a way to give end users the ability to clear phones with no special permissions, do so from a phone or schedule, and not require that all phones in the enterprise be cleared. This script uses the configuration API that was introduced in InformaCast 9.1.1


Whitepapers & Videos

LDAP Integration with InformaCast - Whitepaper
This document assumes the reader is somewhat familiar with InformaCast, but will try to teach the LDAP integration and features related from a beginner standpoint. This document is not meant to be a full featured guide to everything that is capable with these features, but will provide a tutorial for one way this could work in an organization.

Scalable Deployment Process for 911 Call Alerting and Recording with InformaCast CallAware
This document provides a scalable deployment process that will work in most environments without disrupting the existing dialing capabilities while configuration takes place.  This allows cutover to take place at a chosen time, can happen instantly, testing can occur, and provides a quick easy method to back out if need be.

Integrate Singlewire Software with Algo Communications Solutions - Whitepaper
Download this whitepaper for a guide on how to integrate Singlewire Software’s applications  into an environment using Algo Communications Solutions products.

What You Need to Know to Communicate During an Emergency - Whitepaper
In this whitepaper you’ll learn more about the methodology for identifying the people you need to reach with a notification, writing effective messages, and learning more about the technology for sending notification.

Implementing Emergency Notification in Schools
In the following whitepaper, we’ll look at the ways you can modernize and consolidate your school’s bells, overhead paging system, and emergency communication system to save money and time.

Multicast for Singlewire Applications - Whitepaper
Download this 20 page whitepaper and learn how combining Muliticast with Singlewire's InformaCast can help you reach thousands of devices quickly and efficiently.

Migrate Relicast to Dialcast - Whitepaper
If you have upgraded to InformaCast 8.0 and are ready to migrate from ReliCast to DialCast, download this 23 page whitepaper for steps to help walk you through the migration process.

Connect Your Analog Legacy Paging System with InformaCast - Whiteboard Video
View this 3 minute video describing the Singlewire Legacy Paging Interface (LPI) and how it works.

Online (On Demand) Demos of InformaCast
We've put together a series of online demonstrations of InformaCast to show how it can be used for mass notification, emergency communication, and overhead paging in your organization. Choose from the industry-specific online demos to get started. 


Support Fixes

Regenerate InformaCast Application Certificates -  
Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer do not consistently connect to InformaCast servers that were upgraded from earlier releases. If you are affected, this you can upload this software package to your InformaCast Virtual Appliance to regenerate certificates for all of the web applications to address this situation.

ICAP Plugin Patch for National Weather Service Feeds -  
The National Weather Service (NWS) now requires a user-agent header for HTTP requests to their CAP feeds. Due to this change, InformaCast’s Inbound CAP plugin is unable to retrieve CAP messages from the NWS websiter. We have issued a software package you can upload your InformaCast Virtual Appliance to address this situation.