Streamline Your Retail Communications


In the age of online shopping, there’s still nothing that beats quality customer service from an actual human. InformaCast can help bring customers into your stores, provide resources that will make your sales associates shine, and save you time and money.

Better Customer Service

The Park and Page™ feature of InformaCast® helps get customers into your stores  so your sales associates can do what they do best - provide a great customer experience. Park and Page quickly connects call-in customers with the person who can best answer their questions, leading to in-store visits, increased sales, and customers who are fiercely loyal to your brand as shown in the above video.

Even if you already have a system for parking calls, InformaCast can provide a better customer experience while boosting your bottom line, adding value and cost savings into the future

Enhanced Productivity

  • Streamline communication of shift changes, store closings, delivery driver arrival time, and more
  • Significantly reduced delivery driver wait time, which cuts down on overtime fees (saving one prominent retail chain over $3 million per year)
  • Communication to and from mobile devices, including mass notification, message confirmation and escalation
  • Facilitate quick, easy, and immediate communication between floor staff using PushToTalk one-to-many walkie-talkie functionality with Cisco 7921, 7925, and 7926 phones
  • Easy-to-use scheduling interface to automatically trigger pre-recorded notifications from closing hours announcements to employee break notifications

Customer Story - Delivery Notifications

Problem: A large retail chain with several store locations had an issue where their delivery truck drivers would arrive at one of the locations and wait, sometimes an hour, before a loading dock was ready.

Solution: InformaCast monitors the delivery trucks using GPS and sends an alert to the store manager when a truck is 15 minutes away. This helps the store know the status of their deliveries and can get a loading dock ready to receive the truck. The delivery driver makes a quick and easy delivery and can proceed to the next store.

Savings: This simple solution will save them $3 million every year in overtime costs that they used to have to pay truck drivers for sitting and waiting.