InformaCast Command Center Simplifies Alerting


InformaCast Command Center

Imagine all the communication that needs to be done during an emergency. Each step is more critical than the last, and every second matters. It’s a lot to think about. But now imagine you can take all those planned communications and execute them all with just the click of a preconfigured button. That’s what Command Center is all about. Making communication easy and efficient so that everyone gets the message quickly.

Command Center is a centralized interface where InformaCast Fusion users can create pre-configured scenarios that appear as an easy-to-identify button. Once the button is clicked, Command Center can be set up to ask some predetermined questions to help make the notifications more detailed and specific to the current situation. Once you’ve added any pertinent information, InformaCast will automatically begin a string of commands that you’ve preconfigured to carry out your emergency response plan. It will send out audio, images, and text notifications to on-premises devices so the entire office is informed, as well as mobile devices so you can reach your people wherever they are. As you safely monitor the situation, you can track users' responses to get real-time feedback on people’s safety and empower you to make educated decisions as it unfolds.

Command Center simplifies the emergency response process, ensuring that you can message everyone the moment that an incident occurs without the risk of missing any steps.


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