Managing Severe Weather with InformaCast


Severe weather can happen to anyone. And it can happen fast.

Stay ahead of the storm with InformaCast mass notification software. InformaCast can be configured to monitor the National Weather Service and send out automated alerts when severe weather strikes. The automation means that your organization is guaranteed to get the notification no matter how busy your safety coordinator is.

Communication doesn’t just happen before the storm. InformaCast allows you to safely send notifications while in shelter throughout the storm as well as request a status report from employees so you can feel at ease when everyone has made it to shelter.

And finally, the storm has passed and it’s time to assess the damage. Don’t waste trying to craft a message. Using InformaCast’s Command Center feature you can send out the ‘all clear’ to on-premises phones and monitors as well as mobile devices with just a couple taps of your mobile phone.


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