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911 Call Monitoring for Organizational Security with CallAware from Singlewire

Now With Call Recording!

InformaCast CallAware from Singlewire Software


The latest version of Singlewire CallAware® detects when a number has been dialed, for example 911, and alerts a pre-defined group of recipients via a text and audio InformaCast broadcast. It also gives them the ability to review a real-time audio recording of the call.

Singlewire’s CallAware takes notification to the next level: monitor call occurrences, notify staff that a call has occurred (who dialed it, where, and when), record the call, and trigger follow-up events through contact closures such as locked doors, or intercom sessions.

CallAware sits passively on your network (with minimal load), monitoring the calls that come into your Communications Manager. When a call occurs that CallAware has been configured to monitor (e.g. 911), it will record the call and trigger an InformaCast broadcast. Any supported InformaCast device: IP phones, speakers (both analog and IP), desktops, etc. can receive a text and/or audio message whenever a monitored call is dialed. And, with InformaCast’s integration with other Singlewire applications, follow-up events can occur through devices equipped with contact closures.

Singlewire CallAware is ideal for:

  • Monitoring your network for specific numbers dialed, for example 911
  • Improving your organization's emergency response plan by knowing the nature and location of the emergency 
  • Recording the emergency call for your first responders
  • Logging/tracking errant emergency calls

CallAware has the following requirements:

CallAware Virtual Appliance:

  • Cisco’s Unified Communication Manager 6.0.x, 6.1.x, 7.0.x, 7.1.x, 8.0.x, 8.5, and 8.6
  • InformaCast 7.1 or later

InformaCast is a proven solution that can deliver messaging and notification on your IP network. To learn more about this solution, we invite you to talk with us.







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