InformaCast: IP Paging and Emergency Notification

InformaCast 9.0.2 Release with Resiliency: Learn What's New


Trigger and receive notification on a variety of endpoint devices.

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InformaCast Basic Paging provides live audio paging between Cisco IP phones. Each message can reach up to 50 Cisco IP phones.

InformaCast Advanced Notification is a full-featured emergency notification solution that enables people to reach an unlimited number of phones, speakers, cell phones, and other devices with text and live, ad hoc, pre-recorded, or text-to-speech audio. 

Both are bundled and shipped with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) 8.5+ and Cisco Business Edition 6000, and deployed as a virtual appliance running co-resident with CUCM. InformaCast Basic Paging is free software and InformaCast Advanced Notification can be turned on with the purchase of a license.  

InformaCast Mobile is a cloud-based service that can be used with InformaCast Advanced Notification to send images, text, and pre-recorded audio to mobile devices running iOS or Android. Learn more about InformaCast Mobile



Why InformaCast Advanced Notification? 


  • Send notifications and reach people wherever they are almost instantly
  • Monitor and record calls to an emergency number
  • Receive automatic weather alerts
  • Lockdown your campus or facility
  • Protect facilities and equipment
  • Integrate with existing systems, such as fire alarms, lights, and door locks
  • Use multiple methods to trigger alerts (ex - panic button, line stop, door opened after hours, mobile app)


  • Set broadcasts to automatically play according to your schedule
  • Create a conference call bridge
  • Synchronize clocks



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