How Do I Load Users into an Emergency Notification System?


Overcoming Upload Challenges

Emergency notification systems help organizations send mass communications to their population. When a crisis occurs the speed at which the system can get the message out and the amount of people that message reaches can make all the difference between keeping people safe and putting them in harm’s way. However, to reach everyone, an organization first needs to have the information of every person and device it needs to reach; then it needs to load that information into the emergency notification system. If an organization only needs to reach 50 people, this may not seem like that daunting of a task, but if an organization has tens of thousands of people to reach, challenges can arise quickly.

So what’s the best way to get users loaded into an emergency notification system? While we can’t speak for every system out there, in this blog post we will outline the two methods* InformaCast users have available to them for uploading user data.

*Note: These options are only available for InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion users. InformaCast Advanced registers devices to send messages to and therefore does not require a user upload.

Manual Input

The first option is a manual input. InformaCast Fusion and InformaCast Mobile are sold by the number of users. Each user can have multiple devices associated with them to receive emergency messages as phone calls, push notifications, SMS text messages or emails. Organizations can collect this information from their people however they see fit, and then manually input the information into the InformaCast user interface.

However, there are many disadvantages to this approach. First, typing all that information in by hand could lead to errors, which means people may not receive an emergency message. It also isn’t easy to update should the organization grow or if people move on. The biggest disadvantage though is that it is time consuming, especially if the organization is large. That’s why InformaCast offers an easier option for bulk uploading.

Using the User Loader

InformaCast offers a tool called the user loader, so organizations can upload all their information into the system at once. InformaCast users have access to a Java-based utility that can run on their network. It can generate a .csv file from an LDAP directory and export all potential users in a format that will work with InformaCast. Once the report is generated and uploaded, InformaCast users can schedule this as a regular task so any updates made to the directory are pulled through to InformaCast on a regular basis.

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While the setup for this can be somewhat labor intensive, the end result and ongoing updates can save organizations time and headaches down the road. Using this tool also helps ensure that everyone is going to be reached with important information during a crisis.*

*Note: It is the responsibility of the organization to generate an accurate report. Singlewire offers user guides and video walkthroughs with step-by-step instruction for report generation, formatting and upload.




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