InformaCast Mobile Feature Update - November 2015

Mobile text alert system fall update

New Self-Service Notification for Anonymous Users and Customized Alert Tones

Learn more about the recent updates to InformaCast Mobile in the 2.1 release, including self-service for anonymous users, and customized alert tones.

Review the full list of our InformaCast Mobile Release Notes and watch the one-minute video below to get started.



I'm pleased to introduce recent new features to our InformaCast mobile platform.

Self-Service Notification for Anonymous Users

This new feature gives anonymous users the ability to sign up for notifications.

By texting a keyword or clicking on a provided link, users can subscribe to notifications for a pre-set number of days. This can be used for things like reaching campus visitors, guests, or limited-term contractors with important notification.

Examples of some use cases include:

  • A weekend football game or parent's weekend on a college campus
  • Short-term contractors working on-site at a business facility
  • Day-long visitors at a theme park or social event

In these scenarios, organizations set-up a special campaign with InformaCast Mobile. Visitors text a code to a number associated with the campaign or visit the campaign web site to enter their SMS number. Important announcements can be sent to this campaign including any emergency alerts issued by the organization. Visitors sign-up anonymously on a self-serve basis saving the organization the burden of acquiring and loading visitor's contact information to the system.

Alert Tones

When building a message template, now it’s possible to add a custom alert tone which will automatically play when the push notification is received. Custom alert tones can help differentiate the type, or severity, of alerts and helps important messages stand out.

Watch for more feature improvements coming in the near future.

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