InformaCast Mobile Feature Update - Spring 2015

emergency notification mobile app with sms text notifications and confirmation

See Response Statistics in Real-Time, SMS text notifications/confirmation, and more...

Learn more about recent improvements to our InformaCast Mobile service, including the ability to send notification via SMSmessage confirmation with SMS, improved in-app real-time statistics, and the ability to send follow-up notifications to groups of people based on their responses. 


With the recent release of our Spring update, Singlewire has added some powerful new features to our mobile platform.

In addition to sending Push notifications to Apple and Android devices, you now have the ability to reach any SMS-capable device with our new text messaging capability. We know how important the Confirmation Request feature has been to so many of our customers, so we made sure to include that functionality in our text messaging solution as well. So now, any mobile device that can receive text messages can be added to your distribution network, helping you provide complete coverage for your mobile workforce.

The next important feature we've upgraded is the mobile user's ability to track, manage, and reply to notifications right from their mobile device. And improved visual dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of how users are interacting with your notification. Statistics update in real time to show you how many people have received, opened, and responded to your notification.

Next, we'll leverage the power of Confirmation Requests by grouping blank respondents into unique distribution lists. So now, with one click, you can send follow-up message to a group of users who responded with a particular confirmation option.

Need to make a follow-up phone call to a particular respondent? You can do that too.

Thanks for watching.

And as always, if you have any questions or would like to schedule a demonstration to see these updates in action, give us a call at 608.661.1140 or contact us.




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