Cisco Announces InformaCast Basic Paging with Cisco Unified Communications Manager


Cisco recently released a blog article announcing the new paging capabilities that InformaCast will bring to Cisco Unified Communications Manager as a result of the OEM agreement between Singlewire Software and Cisco. The article details the basic paging features that will ship free with new CUCM orders, as well as the advanced notification features that can be unlocked with the purchase of a license. 

Cisco and Singlewire Bring New Paging Capabilities to Cisco Unified Communications Manager

By Wade Hamblin, Director of Product Management, Cisco

Cisco is pleased to announce that with the release of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) 9.1, we will include new paging functionality with all new CUCM orders.  This paging functionality will be provided by one of our long-standing development partners, Singlewire Software (formerly Berbee) and will help enhance the paging/notification capabilities available within CUCM.  We have received a number of requests for basic paging functionality and this offering allows our partner/customer base to meet customer paging requirements in an easy to deploy way.  Details are outlined in Singlewire’s press release, which can be found here.

Singlewire has enjoyed a successful partnership with Cisco in the past and has more than 4,000 CUCM customers running InformaCast today in 50 countries.  We believe this tightly integrated model greatly strengthens Cisco’s Enterprise and Mid Market Unified Communications offerings. This complete bundled offering allows Cisco partners to close deals in verticals where Advanced Notification is required: for example, industries such as education, manufacturing, hospitality, or transit.  Partners can leverage these new paging and notification features to change the sales conversation, using the most comprehensive notification solution to meet customer needs with a single vendor/product solution for voice and emergency notification.

The advanced features provide great sales conversation starters to set your Cisco UC system apart from your competitors. Included with this are features like:

  • Pre-recorded/scheduled broadcasts, such as school bells or shift changes
  • Notification to Jabber IM users
  • Triggered notifications- M2M input/output (This includes notifications and alerts for panic buttons, door locks, and lights to name a few.)
  • Integration to existing overhead paging systems and IP Speakers
  • 911/emergency call monitoring, alerting and recording

With this announcement, we are able to offer the basic paging aspects of Singlewire’s well-known InformaCast offering at no cost to our CUCM customers.  InformaCast will begin shipping with every new order of CUCM 9.1 and BE6000.  Additionally, the BE6000’s UCS C220 server will come pre-loaded the InformaCast software.   This software is also available for download for deployments running CUCM 8.5 and higher (for customers with a valid ESW contract).

The basic paging offer consists of the ability to send live audio pages (point-to-point or group) to/from Cisco IP Phones, with an unlimited number of groups/zones that can be configured and a maximum of 50 users per paging group.

Additionally, every new order of CUCM will include a 60-day trial version of advanced paging and emergency notification, which includes many powerful features including the ones listed above.  This would enable deployment of advanced Emergency Notification co-resident with CUCM.

Interested customers and partners can order directly from Cisco or from Singlewire. Customers that decide they like the advanced functionality can purchase perpetual licenses from Cisco via the SolutionsPlus program, or low-cost annual subscription licenses directly from Singlewire.




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