InformaCast Mobile Feature Update - June 2015

improved emergency notification with InformaCast Mobile update

New Dialer for Reaching Landlines, Improved Delivery Details/Results Page, and More...

Learn more about the latest improvements to our InformaCast Mobile June 2015 release including a new dialer for reaching landlines, Skype accounts (audio only), and other mobile devices. Watch the one-minute video below to get started.





With our recent early summer update, Singlewire has added some powerful new features to our mobile platform.

Our new dialing feature allows you to reach any phone, including land lines.  We’ve included the ability to collect and track confirmations with this new dialing feature, so no matter how you communicate with your mobile workforce, you can see results in real time.

We’ve upgraded the entire tracking and reporting screen, so you can see exactly how users are interacting with your push notifications,  sms messages, or dialed calls.

We’ve also updated the web console to give you a quick snapshot of your current account balance, making it even easier to track balances and plan for future needs.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a demonstration to see these updates in action, please give us a call or contact us.

Thanks for watching.

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