InformaCast Virtual Appliance - Easier and Cheaper to Implement


Singlewire’s new InformaCast Virtual Appliance allows customers to easily deploy InformaCast in virtualized server environments.

InformaCast Virtual Appliance is an alternative way for deploying InformaCast within an organization. Making use of virtualized server environments, InformaCast Virtual Appliance can be installed by downloading a single file that contains the InformaCast application and an operating system. Engineers simply install and configure the virtual appliance in their virtual environment using standard deployment practices. InformaCast users can then access the application via a secure web portal in the same way they would if InformaCast was deployed on a physical server.

InformaCast Virtual Appliance provides a lower cost of ownership to customers because a traditional Windows server license and maintenance costs are no longer necessary. It also allows users to deploy InformaCast more quickly.

 “We’ve seen a growing number of customers using virtual environments for their unified communications and other IT services,” states Jerry Steinhauer (CCIE #12504), Chief Technical Officer at Singlewire Software. “InformaCast Virtual Appliance gives organizations an easy way to deploy InformaCast.”


Hello! I'm going to show you the fastest way to get Singlewire InformaCast up and running in your environment. This is a new product we're calling the InformaCast Virtual Appliance. First, download the virtual appliance from A virtual appliance is a single file called an OVA file. This virtual appliance contains both a Linux operating system and the InformaCast application.

Next, I'll show you how to turn the OVA file into a running virtual machine in your VMware ESX environment. Let's see this in action. We've already downloaded the OVA file from, now let's deploy it. First thing we need to do is to tell VSphere where the OVA file is we'll confirm the size of the virtual appliance, we'll give the virtual appliance a name, and we'll choose what network to connect it to.

Now let's deploy it. So now that we've deployed, lets open the console to that virtual machine. And power it on. So you see at this point Linux starts to boot and you can see here the boot is complete. Before we can start installing and using InformaCast, we have to assign the server's IP address.

Lets log in as the default administrator and assign one. So we assign an IP address, and a default gateway and accept those values. So next let's switch over to a web browser. And log in to the administrative interface of InformaCast. So here's the login page. I've shown you how easy it is to deploy the InformaCast Virtual Appliance.

Please visit our website at for more information. Thanks for listening.

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