DialStreamer allows you to use Cisco IP phones for dialing and listening to streaming audio on your network.

Use DialStreamer

  • On the trading room floor where it is noisy and difficult to hear the audio being broadcast on television monitors, dial a number and listen to the audio of a specific TV.
  • At an office desk where you need to listen to music or hear an audio mass notification being broadcast by the organization, simply dial a number and listen in.
  • In a weather emergency when you need to listen to an important announcement or emergency notification being made by the weather service, dial a number and listen to the broadcast of the local weather radio station being streamed on your network.

The DialStreamer solution is part of the InformaCast emergency notification system. It is available to users running the InformaCast Virtual Appliance 12.5.1 or higher with a 250 or greater user subscription or endpoint license and an active Singlewire maintenance contract.

Critical Emergency Mass Notification System