Integrating IP Speakers and Analog Speaker with Singlewire LPI

Singlewire’s Legacy Paging Interface (LPI) allows you to incorporate your existing paging system with our InformaCast® application. You save money and time by leaving your existing paging system in place, and you gain functionality and versatility in your paging abilities. With Singlewire LPI you can integrate with existing analog paging systems and newer IP-speakers.

Yeah, so you may see in many organizations where they have existing analog infrastructure, an existing system that's in place, some of these are older antiquated systems that, you know, are twenty, thirty years old.

Some are, you know, we even hear about, are older than that or they're on their last leg. Some of the speakers that were connected to that system may not work any longer, and people will say OK we don't want to try to fix the system anymore we're just going to gradually migrate to IP speakers and put those into areas where the older speakers may have failed.

The other concept too, is you think about it from that zoning concept of IP speakers versus analog systems now. The analog systems typically are very large areas like warehouse maybe even a large office where it's a single broadcast zone.

You may use those but supplement IP speakers in areas that wouldn't reach to or if you need to do individual zoning in different areas within that facility to put those IP speakers where you need some granularity.

So, a question of how big of a zone do you need, you know, sometimes analog makes a lot of sense because it's a one very big zone and some of the price points will make more sense to go analog but if you're really looking to get granular with zoning IP speakers typically are a better solution.

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